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As underworld godfather Baba is dying, he makes a last request to his head bodyguard Balraj to protect Nihal, the godfather's son. Years later, Balraj sees a young man named Raj successfully fight off a gang of thugs who are trying to rob a helpless woman. Impressed by Raj's skill, Balraj hires him to watch over his daughter, Komal. Komal is initially repulsed by the commoner, and tries repeatedly to have him fired or push him into quitting, but to no avail. Gradually, she comes to admire him, and even begins to fall in love with him. Raj, unfortunately, has sworn revenge against an unknown thug who attacked his sister. Who will Raj's object of hatred turn out to be?

Title : Zulmi

Year : 1999

Runtime : 0

Release Dates: 1999-04-16


Actors :

Akshay KumarasRaj
Twinkle KhannaasKomal Dutt
Aruna IraniasSumitra Dutt
Dara SinghasBaba Thakur
Milind GunajiasNihal Thakur
Dalip TahilasZorawar
Deep DhillonasBakhtawar
Rakhee Malhotraas
Amrish PuriasBalraj Dutt
Gulshan BawraasCard Player
Arun BakshiasPolice Inspector Vikram
Ghanshyam RoheraasPilot
Narendra Bedias

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