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Azucena is 22 years old and lives with her mother, who, due to a past trauma, can no longer speak. Azucena works in a photography lab with her best friend Paqui, and has just broken up with her latest boyfriend Dani. Azucena lives in fear of sex and physical contact, hiding in her own sheltered world. Cesar, a plastic artist feels an obsessive attraction for Azucena, as a result, making her his inspiration. This obsession is painfully observed by Jacinto, the unstable artist's lover, who is himself involved in a violent and destructive relationship with Cesar.

Title : Fotos

Year : 1996

Runtime : 93

Release Dates: 1996-10-10


Actors :

Gustavo Salmerónas
Mercedes Ortegaas
Miguel Molinaas

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